The world’s best catalogue optimization platform

for brands on

AI technology that analyzes catalogues to impact conversion

The only platform that analyses every ASIN across 185 parameters

How does it help?

An AI-driven platform that lets you

change your game

CQaS is Catalogue Quality Assessment Score

is the new metric you must track to know how well your catalogue is optimized

Top of search

Our audit process and recommendations focus on the right content mix to improve your search ranking.

Product returns

When customers make the right decisions, it ensures better brand affinity. Inappropriate or insufficient product details can now be history with machine-driven precision.

Confidence to buy

Over 185 parameters of audit give you the direction to optimize content to empower customers to buy with confidence, impacting conversion many fold.

Reviews and ratings

Happy customers help a brand increase scores on all metrics, which reflects in their reviews & ratings. And these, in turn, organically improve search rankings.

Did you know?

62% of Gen Z & Millennials want visual search capabilities when shopping online

The smartest way to start optimizing your catalogue

The best granular analysis of your product detail page.

Never-before view of gaps across the entire PDP – covering text, images & compliance guidelines.

Every page viewed through 185 parameters

Every image is validated on 35 unique parameters and text across 50 unique. parameters

The best use of AI technologies

Smart engineering that gives you speed, scale, precision, and direction to take the right decision to improve scores

The easiest way to start auditing

Use our chrome extension to add ASINs directly from Amazon


What we liked about NittyGritti’s approach is how they go beyond just the guidelines & inventory checks.

Shashank Sinha

Vice President - Strategic Marketing & Business Transformation, Eureka Forbes Ltd

One look at their dashboard, and we knew this is what we needed to fix our catalogue on Amazon. The detailing in their reports gave us the right balance to make our content deliver. What we liked about NittyGritti’s approach was how they go beyond just the guidelines & inventory checks – that makes a lot of difference if you want to win on competitive platforms like Amazon.