Catalog Quality Assessment Score that is engineered using AI and proprietary algorithms to assess your product detail pages on Amazon across 185 parameters.

Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric code that identifies products on Amazon. It’s unique for each product and is assigned when you create a new product in Amazon’s catalog.

A file or a filepack consists a list of all your ASINs that you wish to audit.

You have the option of bundling Pro & Auto packs together. And then decide which ASIN you want to audit using either ProLens or AutoLens. We recommend that you use AutoLens for your entire catalog audit, and post that choose the ones depending on scores to deep dive further with the ProLens.

Top-up your plan on the go while uploading and submitting the file on your dashboard.

There are 3 ways available to upload your ASINs. 1- Download the chrome extension and add your ASINs directly from Amazon. 2- Use the dynamic submission form and 3- You can use the excel template option.

Add your top 20 keywords to know if your content is SEO-friendly.
To get an aggregate view of your product catalog, upload your ASINs and create a new file for your competitor ASINs
While you can add ASINs of multiple brands in one file, it is ideal to follow the “one brand, one file” rule.

The chrome extension helps retrieve the ASIN data directly from the Amazon site. Once downloaded, search for the ASINs you want to be audited. A pop-up will appear asking you to add it to your NittyGritti cart. The significant advantage is that you can add different brands, and different categories and new files will be created for each brand.

Your subscription starts on the day of payment, you may upload files anytime during the plan validity period.

You may choose any number of packs under AutoLens or ProLens.

Absolutely – we can use the same set of ASINs and do a ProLens audit for you. You will only need to pay the difference, which you can do from within the dashboard. You can even choose the ASINs you want to audit under ProLens and pay only for that.

Not to worry, at any point in time from within the dashboard, you can top-up and add as many
additional packs as you want.

Brands have chosen to use the extra ASIN counts in many ways. They change content and get the new
catalogs audited to see changes to score, while few others have audited their competing brand
catalogs to create benchmarks and learn from the best in the category

Sorry, but we do not have a provision for that. We really hope you are able to use all your ASINs and make the most of our recommendations to improve scores. Refunds are not given for unused or expired packs.

Yes, once you log in you can create users and allocate ASINs for them to audit. Control of users and what
they can do is in your hands.

We have an interactive dashboard that gives you a granular view of your report which means that the reports are only available online.

Always remember to fix the reds which are your gaps and the greens means you’ve done well on that parameter.

Report validity period starts on the day a report is published. You may view the report as many times as you want during the report validity period, but access will be automatically revoked at the expiry of the report validity period. The expiry date of the report is mentioned on the dashboard.

ProLens reports are usually available within 30 minutes, but actual output will depend on traffic, no. of files uploaded, complexity of content and other work-related issues. We will keep you posted on delivery schedules & progress.

Reports are only available online since it’s a dashboard and it’s interactive, however a downloadable excel version to execute change is available on the extreme top right corner of the report at an ASIN level.