A Beginner’s Guide to AI Tools for Amazon Sellers

Looking into the world of AI in Amazon and finding yourself without a clue, a map or a sense of direction on where to start? In the past couple of years, AI has brought a new ease and efficiency to Amazon sellers’ functioning. AI tools have become a part of content creation, campaign structuring and listings optimisation. 

However, if you’re just starting out, it can be useful to get a sense of which AI tool would actually make a difference to conversions right now, and what you can discard/avoid/save for a later date.

Remember, this market is evolving. It’s best not to think in the long-term. Short-term solutions are what AI is best at providing. Look at what can help you most right now, and run with it as long as it seems viable. 

Keeping that in mind, we won’t give you a long list of AI tools to pore over and choose from. Instead, here are the three best AI interventions that sellers can use right now to increase conversions and optimize listings and campaigns.

1. Tools for optimization of listings and PDPs

Scanning, analyzing and improving listings pages and product pages can be a huge task, especially if you have a very long list of ASINs to track. It is simply too labour-heavy and time-consuming, for most sellers. Which means you end up with many product pages that don’t follow the styleguide, images that have the wrong background, and most importantly, content which is not organised into a clear, readable format.

An AI tool can easily scan all your inventory pages within a short period of time, and give you accessible and actionable data on how to improve them. 

If you want to see how an AI listings optimisation tool functions, take a look at NittyGritti. NittyGritti is an AI-enabled technology platform that offers sellers a deep-dive into Amazon product pages in an easy-to-use interface.

Here’s what a tool like this can achieve:

  • Analyses every ASIN across 185 parameters
  • Computer Vision image processing
  • Advanced text analytics
  • The option of scanning competitor listings and making a comparative study of your PDPs

What an AI tool enables you to do:

  • Rank higher on search
  • Improve the accuracy of your product descriptions to enhance customer experience
  • Reduce product returns
  • Improve C-sat scores

2. Tools for PPC optimisation

Campaigns can be another murky territory, where you have a lot going on and find it hard to go through every single campaign and understand which ones are bringing in conversions and which ones are an unnecessary drain on your budget. 

Amazon PPCs already run on a built-in AI software, which can bring in a lot of data. However, going through this mass of data can be taxing, which is where tools that manage your campaigns can come in. 

AI tools can help you target the most profitable campaigns and provide solutions on how to improve conversion rates. You can find solutions to map your target audience and pre-existing ad formats that simplify the campaign-creation process.

Perpetua is one of the campaign management tools that offers a comprehensive deal – they create, launch and optimize sponsored ads.

3. Content creation tools

Content can be one of the biggest spends for sellers, next to ad campaigns. AI tools have very nearly taken over the task of content creation for product descriptions and listings. You can find tools that will organise content into short paragraphs, bullets and separate features and benefits.

Chat GPT is one of the most reliable and well-known tools out there, for content marketing. You can exploit AI tools like Chat DPT for speedy content creation, making it easier to add new products without a lot of preparation-time to factor in. All you need to do is give it the right prompts and edit the content which is produced.

Once you’ve got the basics covered, settled in and got the hang of how to use AI tools and optimise their value, you can start looking around for more ways to improve your conversions.

There are tools that can help you with pricing management, through machine learning. If you’ve been following the old drop prices to increase sales school of pricing,then you’ll definitely be helped by AI tools that follow a pattern of intelligent pricing that is responsive to the market.

You can also find tools to solve the eternal problem of product images. Following Amazon’s rigid guidelines on images can be a trying task for new sellers, so a tool that you can feed product images into, that will render them into format, can be a huge benefit. 

Possibly the most important thing you need to know about AI right now is that this market is in a state of flux. Changing and growing. It helps to not jump in and acquire any new tool that comes up, but there might be some real gems out there. So keep your eyes peeled and enjoy the process of growing with a new industry.

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