Amazon global selling made easy: A comprehensive guide for sellers to expand business worldwide

Are you considering taking your business worldwide and selling your products globally on Amazon? It’s an exciting idea, isn’t it? Having a one-stop platform like Amazon, where you can sell your products and grow your business through Amazon FBA, sounds fantastic. But at the same time, it’s natural to feel a bit apprehensive about expanding worldwide especially since there are countless factors to consider here, like language barriers, taxes, payment options, fulfillment, currency issues, and whatnot. No need to worry, we’ve got your back every step of the way.
It’s no surprise that in 2023, the Amazon website has reached a whopping 310 million active users worldwide.The popularity of Amazon doesn’t stop there, of these active users, a staggering 197 million people visit each month.
What’s even more impressive is that there are approximately 2 million small and medium-sized businesses from all around the world selling on Amazon. The State of the Amazon Seller 2023 report reveals that a mind-boggling 3,700 new sellers join Amazon every single day. Isn’t that amazing?
As e-commerce becomes deeply integrated into our daily lives, sellers are feeling increasingly confident about expanding their businesses on a global scale. The emergence of global selling has opened up incredible opportunities for sellers to establish themselves in various international marketplaces and make their dreams come true by exporting their products worldwide.
Now, let’s delve into how Amazon has provided a platform for individuals to earn a prestigious spot on its website through their unique products and exceptional services.

Amazon global selling platform

Over 70,000 registered MSMEs are reaping numerous benefits by selling their products internationally, thanks to a vast customer base of 300 million users.

Tip: Depending on the fulfillment strategy, product category, selling plan, and other factors, the cost structure of Amazon’s global marketplaces is decided. These options are flexible and allows you to choose the most appropriate combination for your desired business goals.

Amazon Global Selling is an e-commerce export program that acts as the backbone for a lot of exporters who wish to go beyond boundaries with their business with ease and a limited budget.
In this section, you’ll see a compiled rundown on How an Indian Amazon seller sells in the US/UK in e-commerce.

How does global selling work?

To understand how Global selling works – You’ll have to find answers to some of the questions brewing in your mind: who, what, why, and How.

1.1 Get Started with Market Research:

Have a look at the below-mentioned steps, after which your journey of marketing will become easier:
Amazon Conversion Rate
To start with, here are some questions that will help you get started with market research:
  • Why is your product here?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • Where is the demand for the product?
  • How am I going to price it?
While focussing on the product’s USP, with the help of a friend’s/relative’s consultation who lives abroad, using different social media platforms, or the internet, you can easily leverage research to ensure what’s popular in the marketplace.

Based on that analysis you made, you’ll easily identify the product’s values.

1.2 Select a global market or a group of related markets

After finishing your market research, first, select a global market, or you can become a HERO in your local network with your brilliant skills.
  • Thinking about something and executing it are two different prospects. While the prospect of going beyond your country may be an exciting, it can also be challenging. Therefore, it’s important to take some incremental steps.
  • You can start by looking for a small international market or a group present within your friend circle or on different social media platforms where your product has a huge demand.
  • Remember to make this decision before you start working on your global expansion efforts.

1.3 Opening the doors of global business by entering your target market

To enter your target market, here’s a list of protocols you need to consider:
  • Make sure you thoroughly walk through those specific barriers, rules, and regulations you need to get familiar with to optimize your chances for success in your target market.
  • This analysis becomes easier by gaining knowledge about customer regulations, legal requirements, and many other relevant policies that will impact your business operations.
  • To fine-tune your entry into the target market, consider the factors mentioned below when choosing the most promising and reliable markets for your product or service.
  • Finally, based on your market research, decide which entry strategy will best fit the bill as per your requirements.
1.3.1 Other factors to consider
  • How should you manage business considering your niche and target market?
  • What are the pros, cons, strengths, and weaknesses of your company’s exports?
  • Remember to make this decision before you start working on your global expansion efforts.
  • At what stage does your company stand, considering its financial capacity?
  • A blueprint of which product or service you want to export?
  • How much after-sales and service support will your customers require?

1.4 Restrictions involved in currency

Plenty of e-commerce Indian store owners face challenges converting local currency to international currency when they deal in global markets.
1. 4.1 What to do?
To avoid such limitations, it becomes essential to ensure that your website displays prices in different currencies that facilitate easy conversion.

1.5 Shipment barriers

  • When you collaborate with some courier companies, like Shiprocket X, DHL, FedEx, and more, offer reliable and feasible transport services worldwide.
Above all, promoting your store internationally to sell products can invest your efforts, time, and money. As a beginner in this export market, your brand requires getting more familiar with the international audience. So, your primary focus should land on establishing your brand’s visibility on a global platform. For that, Here are some practical ways to gift reality to your dreams:

1.6 Catalog optimization:

Amazon’s immense popularity and status as the go-to destination for online shopping make it a highly sought-after platform. With approximately 89% of shoppers worldwide expressing their willingness to make purchases on Amazon, optimizing product catalogs becomes an essential endeavor.
To maximize the efficiency of product catalog optimization, check out NittyGritti. It’s the world’s leading catalog optimization platform for brands on Amazon, it leverages AI technology to analyze catalogs and enhance conversion rates. What sets NittyGritti apart is its exclusive capability to assess ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) across an impressive 185 parameters, ensuring comprehensive analysis and optimization.
The key thing to remember here is, NittyGritti assists existing sellers for now but plans to expand its business wings to sellers who are new to this entrepreneurship world.

To dive deeper into ASIN parameters, it includes two main accounts after a Free Trial.


AutoLens is an account that plays a significant role for brands and sellers who are in search of an appealing cursory view. Features: In the AutoLens account, NittyGritti  helps you check around:
  • 100 crucial parameters, including basic spelling corrections, punctuation, and much more.
  • Tagged with “3 actionable callouts.”
  • Within 3 minutes, you can have reports ready for access and review.
  • You’ll get a cluster-level analysis of components
  • Easy access to online reports analysis and action for up to 30 days.


ProLens is another budget-friendly plan which is best for brands & sellers looking for a granular view. In the Advanced Premium ProLens account, NittyGritti helps you expand your targeted profit margins by suggesting you some advanced errors which you couldn’t discover in AutoLens. In all, it will help you score well on Amazon. Features: In the AutoLens account, NittyGritti  helps you check around:
  • The plan helps analyze across 185 critical parameters​.
  • Tagged with “5+ actionable callouts.​”
  • Get your reports ready for access and review in 30 minutes.
A few parameters that the ProLens account comprises among 185 Parameter lists are:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Bullets
  • Main Image
  • Alternate Images
  • A+ Content
  • Videos
For instance, let’s have a brief look at the “Bullet” parameter. In the ProLens account, you’ll get to analyze a list of default Parameters with ASIN number – #983983774, such as:
  • Amazon Complaint
  • Bullet order
  • IDEAL Character Count
  • Keyword Optimization, and more.
In a nutshell, with the help of cutting-edge AI Technology, such as ChatGPt, Latest Marketing Trends, Google Trends, and more, NittyGritti will – Audit, Analyze, and Update your existing website or products to get you ahead of your competitors.

1. Audit

With the help of 185 unique Parameters, NittyGritti will perform a granular-level machine-assisted evaluation of product information pages.

2. Analyze

With razor-sharp precision, NittyGritti works on offering its clients algorithm engine-driven audit scores.

3. Update

To optimize your listings and improve your score, NittyGritti recommends a few dashboard changes that help in driving organic traffic to your website by 70%. The dashboard recommends changes for you to act on, improve scores and optimize your listing.

CQaS is Catalog Quality Assessment Score

This AI-driven platform uses a Catalog Quality Assessment Score that helps you track how well the catalog is optimized. The CQaS score by NittyGritti that detects faults at a microscopic level will not only pull your audience’s attention but will skyrocket your dream sales in no time. This allows you to get to the top of the customers’ search and make sure of better brand affinity (building an emotional connection between any brand and its customers) and auditing more than 185 parameters properly; in all, you are in the right direction to maximize the content to authorize customers making confident purchases.

1.7 Display Your Products on Social Media

With the help of different social media platforms, try connecting with your international audience, customizing your products and posts based on your target audience, and market research.

Moving on, let’s hop on to the list of benefits you’ll reap through Global selling:

1. Benefits of Selling Globally

The endless benefits of selling your products internationally are described below:

2.1 Reaching More Customers

With a huge customer base, it gives you confidence and becomes easier for aspiring sellers when stepping into the global market. All the prospective sellers out there enter the existing International Customers pool. With its existence in more than 50 countries, Amazon is a giant force in the e-commerce game. The platform offers Prime Service built on a unique business model with a subscription with benefits that retain users. Also, nearly 2.7 billion people shop from, which means that approximately three people out of every seven people in the world have purchased something from Amazon. So, to scale up your e-commerce game and to reach out to such a giant number of customers on Amazon, proper planning and execution is a must, and hence, NittyGritti can prove to be that source of profit for your business by offering you a unique ASIN analysis. From a single Amazon seller central account, you become accessible to the benefits while you sign up for this account. Sellers can even participate in different consumer activities across a variety of Amazon stores worldwide.
Check out things that give you access to Amazon Seller Central Dashboard:
  • Access Seller Programs
  • Deeply analyze your business on
  • Categorize your products on
  • Keep an eye on shipping and logistic requirements
  • Track your payments and sales in real-time
  • Keep a complete record of customer feedback

2.2 Entry into a Larger Market

When entering into the international boundaries to expand your business through Amazon, numerous benefits work in favor of your business, such as:
Some gloved-up advantages of selling internationally on Amazon:
  • Increased sales potential: By jumping into new Amazon marketplaces, your business can tap into a more extensive customer base, increasing your sales potential and helping you achieve your dream revenue.
  • Easy access to International Markets: When you become a member of the Amazon Global Selling program, it offers businesses easy access to international markets, with Amazon shipping and handling logistics on their behalf.
  • Enhanced Brand Recognition: When you sell products on various Amazon marketplaces, it helps establish a strong brand for your business in new markets. It also helps increase brand reputation and recognition.
  • Demand throughout the year: Frequent demands are a lucrative deal compared to seasonal ones. For instance, selling in a particular country restricts your business to occasions, weather, seasons, etc. However, when selling overseas, you ensure your product’s demand is non-stop. For example – sell your winter goods from December to January in India, while the remaining and in the remaining months, you can target different countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, and more.
  • Currency exchange benefits: One of the secretive advantages of international trading is the Currency Exchange. First, you’re likely to sell more when there’s a downfall in the rate of any currency. During this period, people tend to shop more, and it will indirectly and massively affect your business.
  • Profitable Conversion: Not just this, but when the money gets converted, you can earn a huge profit in foreign currency. For example, when you’re exporting from India to the USA, you receive payments in US Dollars. So, it’s the cherry on top!
2.3 No Upfront Costs for Expansion
In the process of expanding internationally via Amazon, it can be a budget-friendly route to reach out to a more extensive customer base. However, Amazon offers a variety of unique resources and tools to help sellers minimize their upfront costs when they’re expanding internationally:
  1. There’s no fee to register for an Amazon seller account. It allows businesses to have their presence on Amazon’s global marketplaces at absolutely no cost.
  2. Amazon’s Global Selling program is structured in a manner that can help businesses expand their reach to millions of customers across the globe.
  3. Amazon offers user-friendly listing tools to help sellers understand the process quickly and efficiently and to list their products in different marketplaces internationally.
  4. The advantages of being a seller on Amazon don’t take breath here as it also offers discounted shipping rates via its global carrier partnerships, assisting several sellers to save a bulk on shipping costs.
2.4 Scaling up is Much Easier
Without any shadow of a doubt, Amazon has been a medium for businesses to uplift their operations through its different platforms and services.
Some of the significant services how Amazon can help businesses to scale up include:
  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS): AWS is a cloud computing platform that offers every business leading-edge computing resources, including databases, storage, and computing power.
  2. Amazon Advertising: The advertising platform of Amazon allows businesses to spread their network to a large audience of potential customers on along with other Amazon-owned properties.
  3. Add Product Variants using Child ASINs: For padding up your savings account, instead of launching identical products in a completely different listing, why not consider adding your established ones? It takes time to launch a new product under a new listing. Also, you require having some reviews and driving sales to be on top of your game. However, if you bring your A-game by adding a child ASIN to a high-performing listing, you’ll have an opportunity from the word go.
  1. Here are some of the top ideas of how you may likely leverage child ASINs to drive profit to your business:
  • Smaller or larger sizes
  • Various colors or designs
  • Multipacks
  • Cross-sell Marketing or adding similar variants and products based on customers’ interests.
  • However, if thoughts are doing a pendulum in your mind to rank for numerous keywords out there or take up more real-estate space on SERP (Search Engine Results Page), you might think of a separate listing. All you need to ensure is that you got covered with a good launch strategy to gain momentum!
Amazon’s diverse services and platforms act as a strong pillar for businesses in search of escalating their operations. But what’s the process, and how to do it?

Time to Address the Big Question here:

1. How to Sell Globally On Amazon?

Here’s the step-by-step process on how to sell on Amazon globally. 3.1 Where and What To Sell? Unfold the potential route that will help you expand your business globally by understanding the prerequisites for selling your products globally. The different avenues you may require while chasing your dream includes essential consideration for selling on Amazon’s Marketplace all over America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.

3.2 Complete the Registration Process and Create Listings
Don’t forget to register your business on Amazon by filling out all the required information and creating eye-catching product listings for international sales. Also, remember to translate your listings if you find it necessary.

Tip: Leverage Amazon tools for managing your Amazon Seller Account globally.

Build International Listings Tool

With the help of this powerful tool, you can sell globally, adding discounts/offers and synchronizing your pricing structure across different marketplaces. Leverage Amazon’s advanced listing tools to manage your listings across various global marketplaces.
Further, based on the protocols you set, BIL handles pricing offers in every marketplace for you with the help of automated updates.
Lastly, upon listing your products, you can now effortlessly sell your items on Amazon worldwide.
On the other hand, NittyGritti will help you list your products as per the latest marketing trends to offer your business the place it deserves.
If you’re not confident enough or finding it challenging to list your products on Amazon and push customers to make a purchase, then, NittyGritti has got your back. It will offer you over 185 Parameters of audit and increase your revenue within 30 days.
3.3 Arrange for Shipping and Delivery.
Make use of the fulfillment services of Amazon to deliver your products to customers in a smooth manner. Get yourself familiar with all the pros and cons of international shipping, and either choose independently fulfilling orders or take advantage of Amazon’s global Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) solutions.
3.4 Manage and Multiply Your Global Business
Amazon backs your export business by offering the right tools and services, including receiving international payments from your INR-denominated bank account.
If you wish to receive payments in a different currency, then here’s the solution – Amazon Global Selling also promotes currency conversions to your preferred currency. All in all, International Sales have become every entrepreneur’s cup of tea with Amazon’s global selling.
The ingredients you need include- the right promotion strategy and proper steps to sell; keeping in mind all the rules and regulations, sellers can do wonders around the globe through their products.

The Final Word

With our Catalog optimization service, you can claim the top spot in search results and establish a strong brand affinity on Amazon. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your entrepreneurship journey smoother. But don’t just take our word for it—experience it for yourself. Take some time to explore NittyGritti and witness the difference we can make for your business. Ready to get started? Contact us today and let’s make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Time to activate your free trial plan today!  Find us at NittyGritti to know more!

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