Product Listings Optimization: What Goes Into a Good Amazon Product Detail Page

The Amazon seller is, in some sense, their product listings page. The Amazon product listings page is famously tied to the tightest of style guidelines, the sales window, the sales pitch and the product detail, all in one. They recommend a style guide based on best practices seen across geographies over the years. Optimizing your product listings […]

What’s New on Amazon: Product Customization 

Here’s some good news for sellers of handmade, unique, or niche products:  A new feature has arrived, allowing you to offer personalized product customization directly to your customers. Amazon has finally launched a product customization button in the Indian market, enabling you to offer tailored options and a unique shopping experience to customers. Indian customers […]

Navigating Seller Central: A Comprehensive Guide for Newbies

Being a seller on Amazon means many things – production, branding, storage, and most of all, getting to know Seller Central. If you’re new to Amazon, then head straight to Seller Central to find your way to setting up your business. To start with, you need to be clear that you’re a seller and not […]

Five Tips for Amazon Sellers Looking for a Quick Boost in Sales

Seeing a lull in sales or a sudden drop in rankings? Keeping your place in Amazon’s competitive market can be hard. If you’ve been resting on past laurels and have found yourself at a standstill lately, you might need a quick boost to get yourself back to steady ground, before you do a thorough overhaul […]

A Beginner’s Guide to AI Tools for Amazon Sellers

Looking into the world of AI in Amazon and finding yourself without a clue, a map or a sense of direction on where to start? In the past couple of years, AI has brought a new ease and efficiency to Amazon sellers’ functioning. AI tools have become a part of content creation, campaign structuring and […]

Keywords, Features and Benefits: Cracking the Amazon Product Title

Your product sales pitch starts at the title. Amazon’s product title rules might have you breaking your head over how and where to start, but it might actually help to think of the rules as helping you stay in line. An economical and well-written product title can entice your customer to make a buy, well […]

Ratings and Rankings: A Comprehensive Guide to SEO on Amazon

It’s easy to think of Amazon as a marketplace, teeming with some of the most vigorously competitive sellers in the world, but what many people tend to forget is that it is a search engine. Setting up your storefront might seem like your primary task, as a seller, but the most important thing about your PDP […]

The Amazon Sellers’ Handbook: Best Practices to Make Your Business Work

What goes into being a high-ranked seller on Amazon? E-commerce in general has such a high market reach that it might seem like setting up your PDPs is all it takes to start selling on Amazon. But it’s a competitive market. It’s not easy to stay on top and it’s not cheap either, if you […]