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Want to see what our dashboard looks like?

For the optimal experience, please use a desktop/laptop to access our dashboard.

Want to see what our dashboard looks like?

The end-to-end NittyGritti process

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Machine-assisted granular level evaluation of product information pages, using over 185 unique parameters.

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Your ASIN URL is all that’s needed for us to generate a report.

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Go beyond your ASIN and study your category, different geographies or even your competition.
Continetal Coffee


I am sure we’d never have paid so much attention to the details without their machine-driven solution guiding us.

Check Marked

Jaipuriar Praveen

CEO, CCL India Limited.

Through NittyGritti, we learnt that there’s more to selling on Amazon than just listing right. The extent of detailing we experienced was revealing, and only made us more conscious of how we delivered the brand story. They not only audited our pages, but also worked closely with our marketing team to curate the content. I am sure we’d never have paid so much attention to the details without their machine driven solution guiding us

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Catalog Quality Assessment Score that is engineered using AI and proprietary algorithms to assess your product detail pages on Amazon across 185 parameters.

Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric code that identifies products on Amazon. It’s unique for each product and is assigned when you create a new product in Amazon’s catalog.

Top-up your plan on the go while uploading and submitting the file on your dashboard.

The chrome extension helps retrieve the ASIN data directly from the Amazon site. Once downloaded, search for the ASINs you want to be audited. A pop-up will appear asking you to add it to your NittyGritti cart. The significant advantage is that you can add different brands, and different categories and new files will be created for each brand.

A file or a filepack consists a list of all your ASINs that you wish to audit.

You have the option of buying the Starter pack with 5 ASINs or adding multiple ProLens packs.

There are 3 ways available to upload your ASINs. 1- Download the chrome extension and add your ASINs directly from Amazon. 2- Use the dynamic submission form and 3- You can use the excel template option.

We have an interactive dashboard that gives you a granular view of your report which means that the reports are only available online.

Always remember to fix the reds which are your gaps and the greens means you’ve done well on that parameter.

Add your top 20 keywords to know if your content is SEO-friendly.
To get an aggregate view of your product catalog, upload your ASINs and create a new file for your competitor ASINs
While you can add ASINs of multiple brands in one file, it is ideal to follow the “one brand, one file” rule.